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How To Buy Recycled Parts
As with any bargain, you should know should know a little something before putting down any money. Here are some tips on buying recycled auto & truck parts;

Deal with a licensed salvage yard, preferably a member of a professional association, such as the Automotive Recyclers Association.

Ask if electrical parts have been bench tested and if they are warranted. Some dealers have been known to extend such warranties for up to a year on electrical parts.

If you buy an engine or transmission, know the size and model number of your car; carefully inspect older units. To insure quality, most Automotive Recyclers Association members will compression check an engine before offering it for sale.

Always have an expert mechanic diagnose your specific automotive problems. This will ensure that you get the right part for the job and avoid recurring problems.

Bring in old parts for comparison.

Get a receipt, as you would with any purchase.

Where do you find recycled parts? Check your Yellow Pages under auto recyclers, auto parts - used; truck parts - used; or auto wreckers.

Data provided by the Automotive Recycling Association.